The Pesticide-Free Pledge: 1,000 Heathy Lawns Challenge!

The group at Sustainable Peachtree Corners has set a goal to sign up 1,000 residents, schools, churches, businesses (basically anyone who has a lawn or garden!) to commit to going pesticide-free in 2009, and hopefully beyond!

To read our blog post about the 1,000 Healthy Lawns Challenge- click here.

For information and tool-kit about maintaining a pesticide free lawn, click here.

The Pesticide-Free Pledge:
"To the best of my ability I pledge to keep my home, yard and garden free of pesticides (this includes fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and other petrochemical agents that can cause cancer, reproductive harm, genetic damage, endocrine disruption and breathing difficulties).

Whenever pest control is needed I will consult with my local organic nursery or call a knowledgeable agent such as the Georgia Extension Office at the University of Georgia. I will further attempt, when asked, to educate others regarding my reasons for using organic control methods."

Please sign up by clicking on comments below . . .
Please include your name and city. And, if you do not already have a "Google identity," just select "anonymous" to leave your comment.

Thanks and welcome to a pesticide-free lifestyle!!